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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moscow At Night (Beautiful)

Have you ever seen Moscow at night? It is a riot of colour, traffic, clubs, theatres, restaurants and much more! The city changes its look dramatically, buildings become difficult to recognize and everything look as though you are in a fairy-tale! Brightly illuminated streets and avenues, making all sights even more fantastic. You will be amazed by it.
On our tour in Moscow at night, you will have a great chance to experience the magic atmosphere of Moscow and photograph the best landmarks. A city totally transformed into a sea of coloured lights. We will take you walking in the historical city centre, and combine it with driving along night avenues and streets. You will be able to catch wonderful panoramic view of all Moscow seen from famous Sparrow Hills, one of the beloved spots for every wedding ceremony. You will see Red Square full of different colors, St. Basil’s will seem like a fairy-tale hodge-podge and riot of coloured domes, visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior which should look absolutely wonderful and show off all its majesty.
During your 3-hour night walk you can marvel at twinkling colors of Red Square then from the side of Sophia embankment you will be able to see all the imposing views of Kremlin. You will also pass by, monument to Peter the Great, the House on Embankment, Poklonnaya Hill, the Arch of Triumph, Kutuzov avenue, New Arbat St., Boulevard Ring, famous squares like Manezh Square, Theatre Square, Tverskaya St., Pushkinskaya Square. The New Maiden Convent with its beautiful pond will be shown, (but we cannot enter), and, of course, Moscow State University in the beautiful light. Moscow’s panorama at Sparrow Hills will really impress you.